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 6-03-2011, 11:54  Section: Recommendations » Participants responses  Author: admin
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Vadim:  What a great training!  It's like a revelation for me!  It's genius – difficult things are presented in a very simple and comprehensive manner.

Olga:  During this training, I received the opportunity to learn a great deal about myself and to become more joyous, happy and free.  I saw the new possibilities and perspectives for growth in my life.  As a physician I also gained some new important professional experience that I am certain will help my patients immensely.

Elena: Many 'miracles' happened during the training - many lives turned to a better way of life and higher self-esteem.  This seminar helped me to become more confident and loving.  The world becomes more comfortable and safe for me.

Sergey:  Participation in this training turned to be very helpful experience for me and it had played a great practical role in my recovery.  It is almost incomprehensible and has a deep spiritual meaning for me.  I am deeply moved by your helping activity.  I am a psychologist and am eager to use this method with my clients.

Margarita:  I am in my sixties and am finally learning how to become a Healthy Balanced Person.  I believe my life is changing because of this Training because I now am able to understand myself and others.  The knowledge I received in this Training will help me to establish healthy relationships with my children and will be useful in my work with codependent clients.

Alexander:  This training gave me the opportunity to look deeply inside myself.  It has helped me to know myself better and it had shown me the ways for development and transformation of my own and other people's personalities.  As a psychologist, it was very important for me that this training originated from Marilyn's own experience, and to know how that experience created a unique, realistic theory and treatment method.

Vera: I found new freedom of my soul during these days!

Natalya:  I, and many other needy people who were striving for healthy personalities, healthy families and healthy relationships, had the opportunity to find a vision and an understanding of the ways and methods that can help us  to achieve these goals.  We already are gaining practical results and seeing actual changes.

Tatyana:  Although I am already 49 years old, I now know that I am also a human being and  that I live and feel!!!

Andjela:  This Training has turned out to be God's blessing for me.  Now I see that we all are individual and unique.  All we are gifted by God and a Natural Child lives inside each of us, locked in a grips of unhealthy pattern of behavior.  During this training my Natural Child had got the right to express all her emotions, feelings, and needs and now has become free.

Nellie: I have been using the Murray Method in my sponsorship work in AA.  It works perfectly!

Ruslan:  I work with alcoholics and drug addicts in prisons and also in a rehabilitation center.  I myself have been free from these addictions for six years.  I am so very thankful for these training seminars which have greatly changed my life, both personally and professionally.  I now am a new person who is loving and understanding to my wife.  She came to these trainings also, and we both are working on being Healthy Balanced Persons and also to provide a loving home for our future children.  We are committed to breaking the chains of dysfunction that have bound our families for generations!

Nadia: This training taught me clear, straight-forward, reasonable ways of working with psychological trauma.  I am a psychiatrist and was surprised by the unexpectedly simple and striking method of material exposition.

Julia: This was magnificent opportunity to understand myself better.

Elena: This method is a perfect tool to work with pain, defenses, and addictions.  It has enlarged my possibilities as a therapist to help others gently and delicately.

Nadejda: This training taught me to understand myself better and it helped me to accept myself – for the first time.  It has given me an inner strength and trust to the world outside me.

Volodia: I have been through this course several times and continue to learn new things each time I attend.  I find that it also helps to strengthen the skills I gained in the previous trainings.  I have found this method to be a great tool for working with my clients and their families.

Anya: I am a psychologist and I am working in a rehabilitation center for alcoholics and addicts and now I will carry the message of hope and health to my patients. I am also an alcoholic in recovery for almost 6 years and I found myself in a situation when 12 steps program could not help me with my problems, which had started in my childhood.  God has help me though this training and I am very thankful.  That is a salvation!  I was at a deadlock and this training helped me to find a way out.

Maxim:  I have gained a deeper understanding of roots of addictions and now see many possibilities in working with my clients as I use this promising new method.

Natasha: This seminar was very special because I couldn't bear my pain in my soul any more and I found life and hope here – for the first time!

Lena: I am a psychologist and was living through the most tragic moment of my life, when my phone rang and I received an invitation to the seminar.  I think a miracle made it possible and it was a divine appointment.  I am very thankful that it had happened right in time, when I was most needed in it.  My thankfulness is so big that I hardly could find words to express it.

Vera: I thank God for the ability to receive such valuable, unique training.  I now am able to take this method back to my city, Nizhni Novgorod.

Tatyana: I do not feel myself a victim any more.  I gained inner joy and hope that I would be able to burst bonds of my unhappiness and misfortune.  I am a doctor, and now I pray that I also would be able to make my own impact in helping people in Russia.

Olga: This seminar is like an electric power station, which gives energy for many people - it seminar helped me to grow young again, to belong to another generation.

Ludmila: The Murray Method is like a beacon for ships which are in a midst of sea storm. The method beacons people who are like ships that took an aberrant course. Then the method helps those ships/people to come back to their harbors, where they are safe, loved and cared about.  As a psychologist, and as a person - I rate the Murray Method very high.

Alexei: I gained new knowledge, new experience in expressing my feelings, and in making healthy relationships with people – all of which are very important in solving personal and professional problems.

Marina: I wish you could feel my joy and amazement during and after the seminar.   I could not see my own face, but other peoples faces become softer, genuine and all became beauties and much better than before!  You would enjoy listening to our childlike laughter and our ability to talk about our inner world (and not about problems of other people). Almost all participants were codependent caretakers, which thanks to this method regained their abilities to care about themselves.  I also received relief from my depression of many years.  I am a psychologist myself and I run seminars for those who are helping people with different addictions and I will carry the message about Murray Method to many other towns of Russia.

Pavel: This training time gave a life preserver to many of us who were drowning in a stormy sea of reality. You have helped God to save this drowning man.

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